iFi Audio micro iDSD

iFi Audio micro iDSD
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iDSD BL Sets the Standard


I was expecting iFi Audio's new micro iDSD Black Label to be a bit different than my iDSD silver model; after all, it's the company's latest version of a standard offering. There are some new parts that are better, the same parts but "better", maybe a...

Fantastic sound, portable, power bank

edit: The first second or so of a newly selected track is always muted.


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Coming of age - original Micro iDSD vs Micro iDSD Black Label


I would like to thank ifi Audio for allowing me to test the Micro iDSD Black Label in frame of the EU BL tour - and particularly to Hoomairah for his prompt communication troughout the process . This is my take on the iFi Audio Micro BL review. It is...

Sound Quality - particularly in DSD, the best portable battery operated amplifier for AKG K-1000, Swiss Army Knife of digital audio

Silence/fade in around 2 seconds at the start , (TRANS)portability, unable of sustained operation with AKG K-1000, settings prone to accidental switch


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iFi micro iDSD - best portable value


Gears used for comparison: Headphone - Sony Z1R, HIFIMAN HE1000.V2, Sennheiser HD800 AMP - Schiit Jotunheim (amp), Audio-GD NFB-1AMP DAC - L.K.S MH-DA003 I own iFi iDSD nano, so the driver is already in my computer, I plug it in and the device shows in...

Features, Build Quality, SQ, Value

a little big as portable, dac decoder indicate light is hard to see


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The dac/amp chameleon


iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label Intro I have received Black Label from iFi company as part of the review tour, in exchange for my honest opinion You can find specification here http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-idsd-bl/ The price is currently...

3D+ and XBass+ effects, ability to drive sensitive IEMs and demanding headphones, musicality

unsuitable for portable use, minor issue when using as a DAC


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Fantastic jack of all trades, and master of quite a few!


About Me I stumbled into the head-fi world when my itchy fingers picked up a Shure SE846 back in January'14. Since then, it has been a long journey, and I'm only just starting. Exploring the various IEMs and portable set-ups available, I've slowly...

Excellent sound, Feature rich, high performance to price ratio

Non-existent volume indicator, awkward shape (ifi micro product series in general) - Long and thin


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BLACK Background can pay my full attention on my music


This is my pleasure that I will be the tester of ifi new product, idsd black lablel (let us be short as BL). As a newbie of headfi, I am whole heartly to try difference devices. When I first read about the spec of the BL, I talk to myself that...

Good Sound, Affortable Price

connectivity is not fit to eastern music lovers


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A Terrific Bang for Your Buck DAC/Amp Combo!


DisclaimerThis is a review for the micro iDSD Black Label edition, not the original micro iDSDI firstly want to thank Lawrance at iFi for letting me use the micro iDSD Black Label for a few months. I had originally requested the micro iDSD, but the...

Octa-speed DSD, femto clocks, overall sound quality, gain options, digital filter options, discrete XBass+ and 3D+ sections, battery powered

Flimsy-feeling plastic switches, male USB A USB input, bulky size for true portable use


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iFi Micro iDSD BL: Once you go black, you never go back


Before submitting my thoughts on the IDSD Micro Black Label (to be called BL from now on), I would like to thank the folks at Ifi Audio for organizing this EU Demo Tour and giving us the opportunity to listen to BL . Initiatives like that help both...

Very Musical and resolving Sound , Versatility (can be used with both ciems and full phones), Great Bass/Treble Boost, Amazing Build Quality

More transportable than portable, no availability for Balanced use/Balanced Cables, difficulty to see volume knob level may irritate some


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Super versatile, great functionality, great SQ


Intro Special thanks to iFi Audio and local distributor for setting u[ this review tour of iFi Audio micro iDSD. First off we will be going into the looks of the BL, and then into SQ from RCA out and then the HO, and finally the software side of them....

Wide range of format supported, multiple I/O to choose from, a power bank i guess?

Black on black lettering on the back, $ (as always)


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iFi Micro iDSD BL: The Good Dark Side


Why I love iFi and their products iFi have been known, reputably for their amazing amplifiers and DAC. Ranging from Nano to Micro to Retro and the most recent addition, the Pro line, iFi have an amplifier and DAC for different purposes and price...

sound quality, balanced, no channel imbalance, versatile with anything, power

needs a more visible volume indicator, 3D+ can sound bright