Bodum Shin Bistro 12 Cup Coffee Maker

alaTest on kerännyt ja analysoinut 10 arvostelut tuotteelle Bodum Shin Bistro 12 Cup Coffee Maker. Keskimääräinen antama arvosana tälle tuotteelle on 4.4/5, verrattuna keskimääräiseen arvosanaan 4.2/5 kategoriassa Kahvi ja espressolaitteet.

Käyttömukavuus, suorituskyky, rakenteen laatu, Vastinetta rahalle


Me analysoimme käyttäjien ja ammattilaisten antamia arvosteluita, tuotteen ikää ja muita seikkoja. Verraten muihin tuotteisiin kategoriassa Kahvi ja espressolaitteet, Bodum Shin Bistro 12 Cup Coffee Maker on saanut alaScore™-arvosanan 83/100 = Erittäin hyvä.

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Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: willowjen (

If you like it strong


French presses are not for the light casual coffee drinker. This makes some serious coffee that can be very strong. You can adjust the amount of grounds you use to make it a little bit lighter but the whole point of a french press is to have a cup of...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: internashley (

in a press


My husband and I purchased this after the glass of our old french press shattered. What drew us to this product was one major feature: replaceable glass. With our old french press model, that was not an option. Now that it has some miles on it there...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: cbarona (

Love it!


I love my French Press Coffee Maker. It is so simple and convenient to use. It saves time and is an easy cleanup appliance that is great to have in your home. In my house there are not a lot of coffee drinkers so this is great for preparing just one of...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: KatyMae (

Careful With The Glass


A french press coffee maker makes coffee that is world's above the coffee you get from a drip coffee maker. The flavor is stronger since the coffee is steeped like tea. There is also the added benefit that you do not have to have coffee filters on...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: akademix06 (

Good press


There's basically 3 pieces to this french press: the press, which is connected to the filter, and lid, the handle, which is removable by either sliding it off, depending on how tight it is, or using a small philips screwdriver, and the glass part....


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: dolly1232 (

This is a great item!


I bought this item, because the thought of it sounded so cool. It lasted for a while and then my little daughter thought it was cool too. It broke, but I bought it again! The thing is so easy to use. I love to use it when we lose power. I have to admit...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: littleprairiegirl (

Quick and easy cup of coffee


This plastic-based french press does a great job of making one cup of coffee. When I first bought it (for the price and size) I thought the plastic would be detrimental, but it does not affect the taste of the cup of coffee. It is a nice single cup...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: millernet (

Get all the essential oils


The bodum french press is about the best around. It allows me to receive piping hot coffeee with all the essential oils. I use it every day and it has held up well. The only bad thing is that it is made of glass so it can sometimes break. By not using...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: manifestpics (

Bodum Bistro 8-Cup (4 US) Coffee Press makes great coffee!


I bought this for my coffee-lovin' husband about a year ago for his birthday. He used it almost everyday and said it made some of the best coffee that he has had. It is also very easy to use, very fast to make...great for on the go before work! It made...


Käyttäjän arvostelun tuottaa: cdr78 (

bodum bistro is great


I love coffee and have a habit of collecting various exotic coffee based accessories, so i have various small coffee mixers, mugs and many other things from around the world. My coffee machine was an all american 10 cup holder which broke when some one...