Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 Coffee Maker

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Best standard coffee maker


The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is the best standard coffee maker, according to reviews. Critics say this automatic-drip machine is much better than a basic low-priced coffee maker, thanks to its durability, its excellent coffee and its features,...

Great-tasting coffee, durable, small-batch setting, three-setting hot plate, three-year warranty

No water-level window on reservoir, clock isn't backlit


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Was great until it died...


Only lasted 3 years then for about 2 days it would shut off after just a few minutes.

Timer features , auto shutoff, 1-4 cup brew cycle

Built to not be repairable by owner and based on several others' comments only lasts for 2-3 years.


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Best buy on the market


I purposely avoided writing a review here for at least a year so that when I did write one, it would have more weight with prospective buyers.

Great coffee! Excellent engineering and good quality for price. NOT junk.

Very few, and all very minor.


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Wonderful when it works


We're on our second one.

Very hot, flavorful coffee



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I'd buy it all over again!


After reading all comments, both negative and positive, I went ahead and bought this machine.

Great tasting coffee - not burnt, not weak, not weird tasting - great every time.

I've yet to find a weakness.


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I guess I need to keep looking


I must admit - this coffeemaker is better than many I have used before, and I was excited after reading so many positive reviews, but the beef I have right now is that these carafes break like crazy.

Small brew feature - use it all the time

Poor quality carafe


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Doesn't perform as good as it looks


I guess I was wooed by the looks of this particular unit, but in day-to-day use I was constantly annoyed by small design flaws.

Timer feature is relatively easy to use. Auto-off feature is nice.

Small opening for resevoir. Carafe design promotes spilling.


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Cuisinart Brew Control DCC1200


I've only had mine for a little over a week now, but it quickly brews nice strong coffee.

Great cup o' joe!



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After owning for 2 years....


I loved the look of this unit in my modern kitchen, and it brewed a mean pot of coffee as well.

Looks, original quality

Electronics failure, possible hazard?


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We used our Xmas gift card to get this item when the store had a 20% off coupon, so total price w/tax was $70, which was a great deal.

Programmable timer and shut-off