Saeco RI9914/01

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Ok, but pricey and nkt without issues.


Owned this for 8 years. Made over 2000 coffees when the boiler gave in. Had it repaired, but same issues soon after. Had it repaired a second time, then the grinder packed up. Decided to get rid of it. Great while it worked, but once trouble kicked, it...


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So good even Malcolm Turnbull has one!!


I spied a Royal Cappucino in Malcolm Turnbull's kitchen on ABC's "Kitchen Cabinet" Picked mine up for $20 as a non working machine as a parts donor for a non working one I found on a kerbside cleanup. The funny thing is the one I bought as "not...


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Our second Saeco Auto coffee machine


fi. A couple of complaints though, the steamer knob is difficult to grasp and turn, and the drip tray does not project far enough to forward and the steamer spout just manages to drip and splash over the edge.Small problems for such great tasting coffee.


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Continually breaking down


The coffee tastes good which is definitely this machines saving grace as it continues to break down one way or the other. We've had one at work for two years and it has been sent for repairs numerous times and replaced twice and still continues to be a...


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Second thoughts


I purchased this about 7 years ago, it went into a food van but had minimal use and removed after a few issues...I found this unit highly frustrating as the water levels of coffee's we not consitant, dreger drawer too full at time of notification to...


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Best 2k spent ever


Produces could quality coffee with very little issue. The twin boiler is a godsend and provides flexibility of use. We've used it in our office since 2006ish. So for 10 years we've only ever had a couple of minor issues which were fixed during the...


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Definitely purchased a very reliable machine!


Excellent coffee machine..purchased it over 12 years ago and has never failed us. I use Aldi's Coffee brand and it tastes great! ..Easy to use and clean.Service it every couple of years..I will eventually have to replace it. I will choose the same...


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My second machine after 14 years


k yourself, that's why it comes with a frothing wand. If this is not what you want then manage your ecoectations accordingly. Good luck and buon café!

Ease of use, clean, fast

More space under pourer for higher cups


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Saeco Royoal Cappuccino


mum this helps as well. A tell tale sign if the machine needs a de-scale is the cappuccinore will not froth the milk. Only use de-scale solution that is designed for these machines (Not home made remedies). Use filtered water ALWAYS, if you can't use a...

Ease of making coffee

High price in purchase


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Good Coffee, No Mess but Unreliable


l has inherent faults. This time around if the repair costs more than $250, I will have the machine put down and would never consider purchasing another Saeco.

Good coffee, no mess

Unreliable and costly to repair


Product Specifications


Irroitettava vesisäiliö:Kyllä
Veden tason ilmaisin:Kyllä

Muut ominaisuudet

Mitat (LxSxK):390 x 455 x 395

Paino ja mitat

Tuotteen korkeus:39,5
Tuotteen leveys:39
Tuotteen paino:15
Tuotteen syvyys:45,5


Automaattinen AntiCalc-kalkinpoistojärjestelmä:Kyllä
Juomien tyyppi:Cappuccino, Espresso
Kahvin syöttö:Kahvipavut
Kahvinkeitimen tyyppi:Täysautomaattinen
Kahvinkeittimen tyyppi:Täysautomaattinen
Kapasiteetti kuppeina:30
Kupin lämmitin:Kyllä
Säädettävä kahvin vahvuus:Kyllä
Säädettävä veden määrä:Kyllä
Sisäänrakennettu jauhin:Kyllä
Suurin sallittu käyttöpaine:15
Vesisäiliön tilavuus:2,4


Kotelon materiaali:Muovi, Ruostumaton teräs
Sisäänrakennettu näyttö:Kyllä
Tuotetyyppi:Espresso machine
Tuotteen väri:Ruostumaton teräs
Tyyppi:Vapaasti seisova
Väri:Ruostumaton teräs
Vesisuihkujen määrä:2


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