Killzone 2 (PS3)

Killzone 2 (PS3)
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alaTest on kerännyt ja analysoinut 733 arvostelut tuotteelle Killzone 2 (PS3). Keskimääräinen antama arvosana tälle tuotteelle on 4.5/5, verrattuna keskimääräiseen arvosanaan 3.9/5 kategoriassa PS3-pelit (tulossa).


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Me analysoimme käyttäjien ja ammattilaisten antamia arvosteluita, tuotteen ikää ja muita seikkoja. Verraten muihin tuotteisiin kategoriassa PS3-pelit (tulossa), Killzone 2 (PS3) on saanut alaScore™-arvosanan 95/100 = Paras.

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Zusammenfassung der Kundenbewertungen für Killzone 2 (PS3)


alaTest hat 41 Kundenbewertungen für Killzone 2 (PS3) von zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.3/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.1/5 für andere Produkte in der Kategorie PS3 Spiele auf Die Action und die Handlung wird von den Testern positiv bewertet, aber sie finden das Preisleistungsverhältnis nicht optimal. Über das Gameplay gibt es verschiedene Auffassungen.

Design, Handlung, Action


93% der Kundenmeinungen auf bewerten dieses Produkt positiv.

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Résumé des avis d’ sur Killzone 2 (PS3)


alaTest a collecté et analysé 46 avis de consommateurs sur pour le produit Killzone 2 (PS3). La note moyenne du produit est 4.3 sur 5, tandis que les autres Jeux PlayStation 3 (PS3) ont une note moyenne de 4.2 sur 5 sur

96% des avis sur donnent une note favorable à ce produit.

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Killzone 2 (SCEA)


If you're into crime noir action games, then Yakuza won't disappoint you. The gameplay may be a little convulsive but Yakuza more than makes up for that through engrossing story and attention to details.

top-notch graphics, fantastic single- and multiplayer modes

frame rate



Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Stuart Andrews (

Killzone 2


Is Killzone 2 the exclusive shooter that the PS3 has been waiting for?

While there's nothing really new about Killzone 2, the phenomenal pacing, stunning polish and overwhelming bombast of the whole experience elevates it to the top tier of FPS games. The PS3 finally has the flagship shooter it deserves.


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Killzone 2 Review


Another "Halo-killer", but this one actually lives up to the hype.

In the end this game surpassed my expectations by a mile and I can't get enough of it. It delivered every aspect that makes a game great and succeeds in every category. Go out and buy this game and get ready for a lot of fun.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Kevin VanOrd (

Killzone 2


Killzone 2 boasts amazing visuals, an intense campaign and extraordinary online play that will keep you coming back for more.

Well-paced campaign keeps you in the thick of the action ; Great online play constantly rewards you ; Intricate, balanced multiplayer maps ; Weapons are beefy and fun to shoot ; Visually stunning, both technically and artistically

Forgettable story and characters ; Tacked-on motion controls

You'll have to look to the inevitable Killzone 3 to find out if developer Guerilla can dig any diamonds out of this series' rough narrative. Otherwise, Killzone 2 is an exceptional first-person shooter, not because it does anything particularly new,...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Patrick Shaw (

Killzone 2 review


Almost four years have passed since Sony first unveiled Killzone 2, their vastly darker answer to the Halo franchise. In gaming terms, four years is an eternity, but Guerilla Games' gritty shooter is finally here to deliver a kickass experience that...

It took a long time for Killzone 2 to finally come out, but after diving head first into Killzone 2, there's no doubt in my mind that it lives up to the hype and is a must-play for FPS fans. With an intense single-player mode, a robust multiplayer...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jason Das (

Killzone 2


I've been itching to play Killzone 2 ever since I saw that infamous E3 2005 trailer showing what developers Guerilla Games had in store for the then-announced PlayStation 3. It was a benchmark that was going to be scrutinized for the next few years....

With all that being said, Killzone 2 has a lot to going for it. Replay value is enormous with the in-game collections, trophy support, and online stat tracking. I'm not going to say if Killzone 2 is a "Halo Killer," it's more of a unique game that...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Russell Garbutt (

Killzone 3


The Killzone series has always been billed as Sony's answer to Halo. Whatever they were doing, Sony was going to do it better with Killzone. With three titles now out of the gate, can it be declared a success? Killzone does many things right; the...

Killzone 3 will not disappoint fans of the series. Those who know what to expect are going to get what they want, albeit with "minor" flaws in the design and presentation. Why they chose to limit the co-op to an offline split screen design most will...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : D+PAD Staff (

Killzone 3


For all the ambitious but ultimately speculative claims that Killzone 3 will usurp Call of Duty's first person shooter throne, we've got one thing to say: it doesn't. Those of you who will be buying Killzone 3 based on any such claims will be very...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Carnage (

Killzone 2


Sony's heavy hitter comes out swinging for the fences. Did you know the equipment soldiers have to carry on the battlefield is heavy? No other game I have played has...

Intense immersion ; Stunning graphics ; Fun multiplayer

Lackluster story ; Long loading times


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Chris Wigham (

Killzone 2 PS3 Review


The original Killzone was the best FPS game on the PS2 as far as I'm concerned, it was only held back by developer, Guerrilla Games, massive ambitions, whilst the aging internals of the PS2 also meant that the game put a lot of heavy strain on the...

Killzone 2 was certainly worth the long wait, the cover-based single player campaign may be a tad short, although it’s certainly memorable and has a smart opposition army to contend with, whilst the multiplayer is up there with the grandness of the...