Black & Decker DCM18S Black Brew 'N Go Deluxe Personal Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Mug

Black & Decker DCM18S Black Brew 'N Go Deluxe Personal Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Mug
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Does it's job well... but...


DON'T BUY THE METAL CUP VERSION. It's not that it's poor quality, quite the contrary... but you can't microwave it if you want to heat up your coffee after a while. Go with the ceramic.

:: Simple to use, simple to clean.:: Comes with handy travel mug (decent quality):: Inexpensive.I needed something for my desk at work. I'm the only one that drinks coffee (no idea how that happened), so a 1-cup brewer seemed like the way to go. Works...

:: Could use some minor Design changes.:: A couple simple instructions would help remove the need for the initial "see how it works."There's really only two minor design issues - (1) The "platform" that the cup sits on is slightly elevated from the...


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Chris Irish


Bought this to use on the weekends, and it does the job well. One cup of coffee, very quick and easy. Simple to use, no filters to buy, automatically shuts off, very handy.The mug being uninsulated is bad (metal plus heat) but the handle and rim are...

Small, convenient, fast.

Uninsulated mug, inefficient filter.


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Does what it's supposed to do.


One of the better coffee makers I've owned. I hope it lasts for a while. Mesh filter leaves a bit of very fine residue; not a bug but a feature - I purely don't mind. So far, it's a great coffee machine, especially for being simple to use and for the...

Brews quickly, and is easy to use and clean.

I was disappointed that the mug is not insulated. Minus one egg for that not being made clear in product description.


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Why this is good...


I has a Melitta Take 2, which was nicer. It started to leak and I replaced it with this in my office. My home Take 2 is still going strong after 5 years.

Makes a single mug of coffee. Doesn't need "cups". You can grind your own, or use already ground coffee at the proportions you like. Doesn't need paper filters as it has its own impermanent filter. Turns itself off when done. It is FAST. CHEAP compared...

Cannot use paper filter in place of the permanent one, so you get more sediment. Easy to miss reservoir with water if you are groggy in the morning.


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Overnight delivery


Super little coffee pot for a dorm.Odered on Tues afternoon --- delivered to Mesa, AZ Thurs evening!



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Bought from another source to replace an earlier model of the same product that finally failed after years of service. This model is higher and will hold larger cups.

Earlier model lasted a long time and I expect the same from this. Easy to clean if you don't use the foolish permanent filter. I buy #2 filters and cut them for a perfect fit, a batch at a time using electric scissors.

Previous model was white and easy to see the water level mark. This is black and almost impossible to see the water level, one egg off for that. I use an almost full 2 cup measure and fills the supplied cup almost to the top.


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Black & Decker DCM18S Black Brew 'N Go Deluxe Personal Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Mug


i really enjoy having a coffeemaker at home, but now i wish that it is bigger, at least good for three cups.

no extra filter needed. easy to clean.easy to use.make good coffee.

really personal coffeemaker, because it only good for one person (at a time). the filter is good, but does not do the job 100% well.


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DCM18s Brew N Go


Great little coffee machine. Makes a hot cup within minutes. Exactly what I wanted.

The cup it comes with is not insulated, but I just pour it right into my preferred mug when it is finished.


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Great coffee maker


I bought this coffee maker on Newegg to replace the same exact model that broke after 4 years of use. The reason the previous one broke was entirely my fault--I added water 2 min after I hit the "start" switch and it blew a gasket. Before settling back...

Inexpensive and makes great tasting coffee. I've tried other single cup coffee makers and none are as good as this one.



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Black & Decker DCM18S Black Brew 'N Go Deluxe Personal Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Mug


Works as advertisedprice.

Mug is rather small. Coffee freeks needs a little bigger `large` size mug for a one cup deal.