Night Owl O-445

Night Owl O-445
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Night Owl O-445


It's a good system for basic home security. It will take a few days to get the camera's picture quality just right because day and night video capture does not match. (If you set the camera just right during the day, the night captures may be grainy,...

Four cameras. Lots of drive space/recording time. Easy to hook-up. Motion detection and camera timers. "Privacy areas" (If you have a hot tub in the cameras field of vision, you can omit that area from the recording). Video conversion programs to...

So-so image quality. Erratic and outdated user interface and video transfer tools. Very difficult to set up on network. The camera mountings are weak and made of cheap metal


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Not bad


Pretty good unit, you get what you expect to get for the price. The camera quality is not fantastic but you can get license plates and faces within 50ft. DVR unit does not work well when left in an unheated building in subzero temperatures, it still...


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Not what i was hoping for


The cameras that this kit comes with are bad... my 6 year old cell phone has better camera! All the colors are off video looks fuzzy static you could barely tell a face and so on..I would not recommend this the 4 cameras it comes with is almost like a...


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A Bang For Your Buck!


Good price, easy setup and very economical.


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This is a great system!


I have cameras on my front porch, side of the house between me and my neighbor, on my shed out back, and pointing at my car & van. The video quality is perfect for a security camera. I don't need hd movie quality for security, just to be able to...


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Best Deal I could find anywhere on a 4 cam suv sys


I searched high and low through every retailer I could find. Ended up purchasing this system because it was at least $40 dollars cheaper than anything similar to it that I could find anywhere else. Package arrived very fast, the system was very easy...


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Great system for non-techy person


I know nothing about techy stuff. Setting the system up is easy - 60' of cable comes with each camera which was enough to reach the detached garage! I needed to call my internet provider & my wireless router provider because the directions were out of...


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Great Device


Great Price, great device. Can log into the device from PC and iPhone without much trouble.I am a geek though so this setup was easy to me. Probably could be a little more user friendly, but I think they have 24h free support. So that's gotta be very...


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Good deal on surviellance


Unlike some of the other users, I found the quality of the video to be more than acceptable and the night vision is adequate. Set up was easy, networking was a breeze (for an IT guy). The user interface is OK, the browser access is a great bonus....


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Don't expect bells and whistles


I got this because our house had a couple incidents of vandalism recently.PROS: This is a good system for a basic security setup. It's a good price for what you get, which includes 4x 60ft cables for the cameras. The cameras are good, night vision is...