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Käyttäjän arvostelu (amazon.co.uk)

Amazon.co.uk review summary for Oculus Rift


alaTest has collected and analyzed 22 user reviews of Oculus Rift from Amazon.co.uk. The average user rating for this product is 3.6/5, compared to an average user rating of 3.8/5 for other products in the same category on Amazon.co.uk.

68% of the reviews on Amazon.co.uk give this product a positive rating.

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Käyttäjän arvostelu (amazon.de)

Zusammenfassung der Amazon.de- Kundenbewertungen für Oculus Rift


alaTest hat 5 Kundenbewertungen für Oculus Rift von Amazon.de zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.8/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3.5/5 für andere Produkte auf Amazon.de.

100% der Kundenmeinungen auf Amazon.de bewerten dieses Produkt positiv.

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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Alastair Stevenson (trustedreviews.com)

Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift: The consumer Oculus Rift headset seriously impresses, even though it isn't perfect

Incredible, new experience ; Light and robust ; Simple setup ; Strong launch lineup

Images could be sharper ; VR sickness an issue with some games ; No motion controls

VR is still a very young platform, and no headset has managed to so far get it 100% right. The lack of interesting games, despite an impressive increase in numbers, makes the platform feel underdeveloped as a whole.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (engadget.com)

Oculus Rift review: High-end VR is here -- if you can pay


As a first-generation VR product, the Oculus Rift delivers an impressive amount of immersion. The big downside is its price, as well as the fact that it requires a PC gaming rig. For most people, it might be wiser to wait until the price drops for...

It's capable of fully immersing you in virtual worlds ; The headset is light and comfortable ; Offers a solid ecosystem of VR apps and games

It's too expensive for most, and requires a powerful gaming PC ; Glasses wearers will have to deal with some slight discomfort ; Motion controller not available at launch ; Might lead to motion sickness

Even after spending the better part of a week with the Oculus Rift, it's still hard to fathom that virtual reality is something I can just jump into at home. It's almost as easy as flipping on a game console or turning on the radio. It's even harder to...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Matthew S. Smith Jayce Wagner (digitaltrends.com)

Oculus Rift review


The Oculus Rift is a glimpse at the future, but it doesn't always work as it should

Refined design ; Headset is comfortable for most ; Easy to setup and use ; Touch controllers feel great in-hand

Motion sickness is an issue when sitting ; Oculus Home is a mediocre platform ; Touch controllers can be unreliable

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Will Greenwald (pcmag.com)

Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift is a powerful, PC-tethered VR headset that's even more appealing now thanks a lower price and the inclusion of Oculus Touch motion controllers.

Immersive VR experience. Works with Oculus and SteamVR platforms. Now includes both conventional gamepad and Oculus Touch controllers.

No whole-room VR. Requires four USB ports (three 3.0, one 2.0) to fully function.

The Oculus Rift comfortably produces an immersive, crisp virtual reality experience that will continue to improve with the development of new software, which has been steadily coming out on both the Oculus store and SteamVR. The release of the Oculus...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Alice D. Newcome-Beill (pcmag.com)

Narcosis (for Oculus Rift)


Narcosis provides a truly scary VR experience, despite being a bit shallow in content and mechanics.

Genuinely frightening. Excellent voice acting and sound design. Original setting and environments.

Lack of exploration is a wasted opportunity. Linear environments. Dumb enemies.

Ultimately, there are several things that Narcosis does really well, and a few where it misses the mark. The prevailing sense of claustrophobia and dread that permeates the game are truly terrifying, but poor AI and contrived puzzles broke the illusion...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Alice D. Newcome-Beill (pcmag.com)

Robo Recall (for Oculus Rift)


Well-executed action and native mod support shine in this great looking, if brief, shooter that is sometimes mired by repetition.

Integrated mod support. Great presentation and personality. Action that is both creative and accessible. Free with purchase of Oculus Touch controllers.

Repetitive level design. Replay value reliant on grinding for in-game rewards. Very brief single player experience.

None of these minor shortcomings detract from the veritable buffet of violence that Robo Recall serves up. Sure, other shooters have done what Robo Recall does, but rarely has it felt this good. The brevity of the Robo Recall experience does lend...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Alice D. Newcome-Beill (pcmag.com)

Superhot VR (for Oculus Rift)


Superb integration of the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers in the game helps make Superhot VR a cool and unique virtual reality experience, despite the inherent limitations of the hardware.

A solid VR showcase. Calculated, frenetic combat. Brutal yet rewarding difficulty. Cool time-based mechanics.

Steep difficulty curve. Simple visuals. People who played the original version may find the experience restrictive. Requires a larger-than-average play area.

Superhot VR's virtual reality features may not be substantial enough to coax owners of the original title into double dipping, but the game wonderfully showcases how new technology can change your interactions with existing concepts. For that alone,...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Scott Stein (cnet.com)

Oculus Rift review


Update, July 2017: After two price cuts , the total cost of a complete Oculus Rift with Touch controllers is now $499. Consider that as you read our full review below.

The Oculus Touch controllers add impressive finger and hand movement, plus physical buttons for traditional games. The Rift headset is well-designed and compact. A strong collection of software offers many apps to explore.

The motion tracking lacks the HTC Vive's full-room scale. It takes a while to adjust to the controls. Total cost of headset plus controllers is expensive -- and that doesn't include the pricey gaming PC you need, too.

The Oculus Rift now offers a great combination of controls and apps for next-level VR and some room tracking, but it offers a less expansive experience than the Vive.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Hayden Dingman (pcworld.com)

Oculus Rift VR headset review: The magical, yet unfinished birth of virtual reality


This isn't a normal review. How could it be? Today marks the cusp of not just an entirely new technology, but also the culmination of three years reporting on virtual reality. E3 2013, Indiecade, GDC, E3 again (and again), two Oculus Connect...

Better (sturdier) design than predecessors ; Meets all of Oculus's initial goals for seated VR ; Oculus brings plenty of software to launch, with more on the way

Clearly not designed with room-scale VR in mind ; Oculus Store needs work ; Xbox controller is a stopgap solution at best

After years of dev kits and prototypes and behind-closed-door demos, the Oculus Rift is finally ready for consumers. Welcome to VR.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Duncan Bell (t3.com)

Hands on HTC Vive review: it still looks better than Oculus Rift to us


Updated: the £689 ($799) price is a bit of a sticking point, mind…

Brilliantly immersive ; Can be worn at length

800 bucks is no small matter ; Will it have enough AAA games?


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